Silvokoala is a company with solid roots dating back to 2001. The purpose of the company's establishment was to respond to the challenge posed by paper production companies, aiming to change the paradigm of forest service companies. The goal was to improve operational process efficiency, qualify human resources, use personal protective equipment, and specialize in the services provided. 



As a result of the forest fires in recent years and the growing awareness of the effects of climate change, there is an increased awareness in society of the importance of the forest. This includes carbon sequestration, the promotion of biodiversity, the improvement of water quality, and the enhancement of the landscape. We actively participate in the fight against and control of pests and diseases that affect our rural spaces. Since 2012, we have been licensed by the Directorate-General for Veterinary Food for the application of phytosanitary products.

Fire Prevention & Combat

The business area of Fire Prevention & Combat is the last line of defense for our forests, encompassing teams, resources, and strategies to safeguard these vital ecosystems. Our teams are highly qualified and always ready to respond to fires, and even more importantly, to prevent them. Since 2002, we have been a service provider for AFOCELCA – A.C.E., which is part of the Special Device for Rural Firefighting (DECIR).


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